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TOMS EYE WEAR: Fashionable eyewear with a conscience

 The purchase of ONE PAIR of TOMS glasses gives sight to one person

TOMS Mission…

Your TOMS Eyewear purchase not only helps restore sight through prescription glasses, medical treatment and sight-saving surgeries, but it also invests in the clinics, hospitals and people who work in them. TOMS is committed to investing in sustainable eye care for the long term.

Restoring sight restores independence, economic potential and educational opportunity. Individuals can return to school or work. Adults can contribute to the household and no longer require extra care. Additionally, patients who have had their sight restored become advocates, helping neighbors find eye care.

285 million individuals are blind or visually impaired around the world. 80% of those cases, however, can be corrected or prevented with available eye care.* Cataracts are the leading cause of global blindness worldwide, but can be cured with a 15-minute surgery.  Prescription eyewear can correct visual impairment, and medical treatment can treat eye injuries and infections before they lead to more serious conditions. While the scope of visual impairment worldwide is staggering, the effectiveness of treatment is quite encouraging

TOMS Sight Giving provides extra value to our partners because it allows them to extend their services to remote locations that do not have easy access to eye care. The organizations set up mobile “eye camps,” traveling to some of the most remote regions of the world. Many patients can be treated on site, and those who can’t are transported to a hospital or clinic for proper eye care.