Pediatric Eye Exams for Nagging Doubts

pediatric eye exams“Staring into my child’s bright, joyous eyes is a truly wonderful experience, but why do they never seem like they’re not quite gazing so intently back? What if those developmental delays isn’t a behavioral issue, but an eyesight problem instead?” “That loving, googly-eyed look that my glasses-wearing child has perfected would melt anyone’s heart, but can use of corrective lenses at such an early option permanently affect his vision?  Would contact lenses be a better option?” “How early is it possible to detect life-long vision problems?”

Parenting with young children isn’t easy, and figuring out what’s wrong before kids are old enough to effectively communicate issues is a steep challenge — even without an undiagnosed vision problem. So if you find yourself with lingering questions about your child’s eyesight — or any unanswered question about pediatric eyesight diagnoses and treatments — you’re not alone.

In fact, you have good reason to wonder:

According to the American Optometric Association, nearly 25 percent of school-aged children have vision problems, yet only a third of all children have received a comprehensive eye examination by the time they first enter elementary school. In fact, nearly 11.5 percent of all teenagers suffer from undetected or untreated vision problems.

You can imagine how difficult excelling in school must be for kids with undiagnosed vision problems. Their academic struggles are doubly unfortunate when you consider the fact that pediatric vision tests are painless and affordable.

There’s simply no reason to risk stunting your child’s development by ignoring a potential vision problem. We can help.

At ECEW, our Carrollton pediatric eye exams are easy, thorough and employ cutting-edge technology and expertise. We’ve been serving the Carrollton area for nearly 30 years. And we understand the unique, delicate vision needs of children 4 years and older, and can answer just about any question you might have about your child’s eyesight.

Contact our Carrollton Eye Doctors to learn more about specific signs you can look for to spot potential vision problems at an early age, or to go ahead an schedule an appointment. You’re not alone and you’ve got nothing to lose.