Old Man Eyes? What You Need To Know About Presbyopia

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These should be the golden years. But instead of dusting off that grand library you’ve amassed and catching up on your reading, you find yourself straining to see the words without a magnifying glass or getting a headache after just a couple minutes of reading. Instead of driving across town to catch up with old friends or making sure you never miss your grandkid’s little league game, you find yourself struggling to feel safe on the roads after twilight and staying put instead. Presbyopia – also known as “old eyes,” “tired eyes” or literally “old man eyes” in ancient Greek – can seem like just a fact of life. It is, after all, a natural part of aging. But it doesn’t necessarily need to significantly hinder your quality of life.…
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Eye Exams – Painless, Comprehensive, Cutting-Edge

Carrollton Eye Care Services
One of the tricky things about vision loss is that it doesn't usually happen quickly -- or even very noticeably. While a minority of vision loss cases (usually  stemming  from trauma or certain illnesses) are sudden and abrupt, most people experience a quiet erosion of eyesight over long periods of time. It's easy to miss. People tend to compensate for gradual eyesight loss while conducting everyday activities, such as driving at night, typing on a computer, reading a book or playing that weekly tennis game. So here's the problem: If people don't notice their eyesight loss, they're unlikely to seek out medical help to counter it. Many vision-loss conditions can be treated to either slow the eyesight deterioration or limit the pain and suffering that comes with it, and some…
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