Eye Exams – Painless, Comprehensive, Cutting-Edge

carrollton eye examsOne of the tricky things about vision loss is that it doesn’t usually happen quickly — or even very noticeably. While a minority of vision loss cases (usually  stemming  from trauma or certain illnesses) are sudden and abrupt, most people experience a quiet erosion of eyesight over long periods of time.

It’s easy to miss. People tend to compensate for gradual eyesight loss while conducting everyday activities, such as driving at night, typing on a computer, reading a book or playing that weekly tennis game.

So here’s the problem: If people don’t notice their eyesight loss, they’re unlikely to seek out medical help to counter it.

Many vision-loss conditions can be treated to either slow the eyesight deterioration or limit the pain and suffering that comes with it, and some can even be prevented or halted altogether. This makes regular (annual, at minimum) eye exams critical — especially if you already wear corrective lenses. Here’s why:

Eyesight deterioration is a fact of life for most people. But it could point to more serious problems such as glaucoma or keratoconus. The earlier you spot a problem, the more likely it is we’ll be able to treat it. Here at Eyecare & Eyewear of Carrollton, our eye exams are painless, thorough, and employ cutting-edge technology. The eye tests are designed both to detect subtle long-term problems and apply helpful short-term solutions. We examine the physical structures of your eyes, measure indicators such as eye pressure, and test neurological responses.

In other words, our eye exams go far beyond simple eye charts on the wall.

Furthermore, if you’re already wearing corrective contact lenses, it’s important to check in regularly with us to examine such common lens problems as:

  • Lens fit
  • Lens efficacy
  • Possible lens-related swelling or irritation
  • Underlying problems masked by lens-related improvements
  • And more…

So if it’s been a while since you checked in with a Carrollton optometrist — or if you’re finding yourself straining to see the things in a new way — contact us soon. You’ll be protecting your eyesight for years to come.