Back-to-School Eye Exams in Carrollton

back to school eye exams carrolltonIt’s that time of year again: Summer is almost over. The kids are coming back from camp. It’s time to gear up for another school year. But making sure your kids are prepared for it doesn’t stop at stocking up on pencils and lunchboxes.

Now is the perfect time to bring your kids in to see our vision experts. Ocular issues usually develop slowly over time, so they can be easy to overlook. Your kids may not even realize something’s wrong until they can’t see the chalkboard during class, or have to squint to see their textbooks. If left uncorrected, these problems can strain your kids’ eyes and make it harder for them to keep up in class.

So bring your kids in for a Carrollton eye exam before the school year gets into full swing. Don’t wait until your kids’ grades drop, or until they start struggling in class. Our eye exams are quick and pain-free, and it will be the easiest exam your kid will take all year.

Here’s what you and your kids can expect:

A Thorough Diagnosis

Using cutting-edge technology, our vision experts will look closely at the internal and external structures of your eyes to spot any abnormalities, regardless of the size. Annual eye examinations are important, because they ensure that common eye diseases like corneal and retinal disease, eye infections, macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma can be caught and treated in their early stages.  Blurred vision and difficulty with reading can affect your child’s performance at school.  We can diagnose any issues with their visual systems that may lead to problems at school.

Regular eye examinations are an important preventative step in caring for your eyes, whether you’re a student or a parent.

Treatment Options and Recommendations

Learning that you or your child has an ocular problem can be scary, especially if you have no idea what kind of symptoms to expect or what your options are. That’s where we come in. If a problem is detected during your eye examination, we’ll give you a thorough explanation of the problem and your treatment options. While bigger problems can mean surgery (typically painless) or medicine, most issues can be solved simply with corrective lenses. We maintain large inventories of both eyeglasses and contact lenses on site, so you won’t have to wait weeks for the treatment you need.

An Affordable Experience

Worried about the extra cost of glasses and contact lenses, on top of all the school supplies and new clothes? At Eyecare & Eyewear of Carrollton, we’re determined to provide top-quality eye care and eyewear — whether men’s frames, women’s frames, contact lenses or eye exams — at affordable prices. So send your kid back to school, ready to tackle another year and score great grades. Schedule an appointment with us today.