Is it Allergies or Pink eye?

Itchy, Red Eyes?  Increased contact lens problems?  You could be suffering from Allergic Conjunctivitis (allergy eyes).  Here is North Texas we have a terrible spring climate for eye allergies.  All those beautiful trees and flowers blooming and budding out are putting lots of pollen in the air.  How do you know whether you have allergy eyes instead of a viral or bacterial infection?  There are several signs of allergies:  watery, red eyes, ITCHING (itching is always allergy) and some dryness, especially with contacts.  There are some great over the counter allergy drops like Zaditor and Alaway, but many times your eye allergies are too strong for OTC medications.  Come in to see Dr. Peck or Dr. Allen.  They can diagnose your problem, and choose a prescription medication that will work much better and more quickly than the OTC drops.