This summer, we are promoting Children’s Vision!

This summer, we are promoting Children’s Vision!
Did you know…The American Optometric Association has reported 25 percent of school-aged children have vision problems that could affect learning? Early identification of a child’s vision problem is essential because children are very responsive to treatment when problems are diagnosed before 8 years old.

How we can help your PTA…..
As Therapeutic Optometrists, Dr.’s Peck and Allen are knowledgeable in the newest innovations in the treatment of childhood vision problems. They also specialize in optical solutions for visual challenges associated with reading and color vision deficiencies.
We want to make it affordable for as many children as possible to experience great vision. June 1st through June 30th we are offering:
• Complete pediatric eye exam for $79.00*.
• Complete pair of single vision eyeglasses $159.00* (shatterproof / poly lens with anti-glare coating) choose from Coach Ray-Ban, Juicy, Nike, CK, Disney, Barbie and more!
• Eyecare & Eyewear will donate $5.00 directly to your PTA for each child who completes and eye exam with us and identifies your school.
Also during our Children’s Vision Campaign we will be having weekly drawings for these exciting Gift certificates:
Hawaiian Falls, Build a Bear, McDonalds, Lego Store, Coldstone, Disney Store, Movie Tickets & MUCH MORE!
For more information, please call Christine Averkamp at Eyecare and Eyewear. 972-307-5000 or email
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*these offers not not valid with insurance