How to Choose Eyewear to Look Younger

The American Foundation For Equal Rights & Broadway Impact Present "8"As we age, the likelihood of wearing glasses becomes more of a reality. When worn all the time they also become our most important accessory. Unfortunately, the wrong frames can date us, and our eyewear. For a more youthful look when wearing glasses consider style, fashion and colour.

Eyewear Face Lift

Defy gravity with a little face lift. Keep them guessing your age. Look younger by choosing styles that keep attention upward and outward on the face.

  • Upswept frames do just that. They visually lift the face making you look younger.
  • Eyewear with heavy bottoms or a downward sweep such as aviator styles are best left for the young… not the young at heart. Avoid styles that focus attention downward.
  • An extra touch of colour on the upper frame or outer corner creates a focal point.
  • Arms attached at, or toward the top of the frame, accentuate the cheekbones and open up the face.

Eyewear Frames

Choose styles and weights that complement your face and features while keeping up-to-date with society.

  • Keep in sync with style trends. Even classic styles become dated over time. Update frames as fashion changes.
  • For a younger look, size up the size of your frames. It’s important to choose eyewear that complements your personal scale. When small frames are in vogue, wearing ultra-large styles can make you look older, and vice-versa.
  • Gone are the days when one pair of glasses will do. Like shoes, your eyewear can’t be right for every occasion. While you may have your favorites, freshen up your look with different frames for different activities or occasions.

Choosing the RIGHT Eyewear Frame Colour

As we age, our features and colouring generally soften. Colours once worn may appear harsh. To look younger, choose colour carefully to bring out your best.

  • Compliment your personal colouring with frames that repeat your softer skin, hair or eye colours. Shine, lighter visual weight and rimless glasses, also work well.
  • Avoid heavy, dark or dull colours which tend to pull the face downward. If you love black, opt for gun metal, deep brown or burgundy instead. These colours will make you look younger.

Glasses can have big impact on how we are seen. Choosing the right eyewear will ensure that you appear chic and timeless.

Kimberly Law, AICI CIP, Certified Image Professional-Personal Impact International.