Randolph named among top sunglasses brands in the world - American made in Randolph, Massachusetts. | Randolph Engineering.

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Randolphs pay homage to aviator styles. Pilots rely on us for quality eyewear built to last a lifetime. Our proprietary SkyTec™ Lens Technology includes camera-quality mineral glass, which is distortion free and scratch resistant.

Not many eyewear brands can compete with the true value behind a pair of Randolphs. The solder joints are near-indestructible and guaranteed for the lifetime of the product.

The heritage behind Randolph Engineering begins with the US military. That’s why our sunglasses are built to endure your most challenging situations.

Headquartered in Randolph, Massachusetts, Randolph Engineering is an American eyewear manufacturer first established in 1972. The company is best known for being associated with the US government, having produced thousands of sunglasses for the US Army, the US Navy, and the US Air Force over the years.

Today, we are also worn by tastemakers alike. Fans of Randolph Engineering capture an adventurous and bold spirit, looking for more than just an accessory. Durable sunglasses are a necessity.

Randolph Engineering is known for creating some of the toughest and most durable sunglasses in the world. People often joke that Randolph Engineering sunglasses are indestructible. You don’t really need lots assurances or guarantees when it comes to the quality Randolph Engineering sunglasses.

Our eyewear is tested based on rigorous standards. We undergo a strict quality assurance process including drop ball testing and wear testing for our shades to stand by you through thick and thin.

Compare to other eyewear around the world, Randolph is among the most durable and highest quality. We’re proud to be handcrafted in America.

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