COVID-19 Update from Dr. Peck

On behalf of myself and my staff, I want to thank you for being a part of our eyecare family. At this time, our office remains closed for non-urgent visits as your health and safety remains our first priority. I hope the information is informative and answers questions you may have.

​Please reach out to me for any ocular emergencies that you may experience. Call the office number at 972-307-5000. There is a call center in place that will forward your message to me and I will contact you as quickly as possible.

If you need contact lenses, go to Click on the “order contacts” link and the steps are easy to follow.

I realize that we had to cancel many of the pre-scheduled annual eye exams for April and May. Please visit “Appointment“. Include 2 dates in June that would be most convenient and I promise to accommodate your request the best that I can.​

New Partnership

On another note, in case you were not aware, I have partnered with an entity called My Eye Doctor.  Not to worry, I HAVE NOT RETIRED AND WILL CONTINUE TO WORK FULL TIME!!!   This partnership has allowed me to focus 100% on patient care while they handle all operations.

What this partnership provides for you is increased frame selection, increased discounts on multiple pair purchases and increased vision plan options. I will be a provider for some of the vision plans you have requested in the past.

We Will Survive

​For now, I encourage you to keep the faith, keep moving forward and embrace this time. I have embraced that I really can’t cook, and I really, really cannot sing but I think I can dance. My biceps will not get bigger and the “washboard” abs, I am afraid will not return…. So I do a little song and dance each day. Music is a wonderful thing … song of the day “I Will Survive” Just change the “I” to “We”​

As soon as I am confident about our opening date and procedures we will have in place to keep you healthy and maintain all CDC guidelines, I will inform you.​

Until next time, remain safe and healthy,

Dr. Mary Anne Peck