A Message from Dr. Peck: COVID-19 Update

Hello Everyone,

On behalf of myself and my staff, I want to thank you for being a part of our eyecare family. We had to temporarily close our doors on March 6th as your best interest and safety is our priority while we travel through this unprecedented time together.  I am confident that you are aware of the forever changing guidelines but I will continue to update you on how it affects our office.

Like most physicians, we had to temporarily close our doors for routine and non-urgent visits.  However, we are still available to see patients for emergencies.  For your assistance, there is a call center in place.  They will forward your information to me and I will contact you as quickly as possible.  Also, should you need to order contacts, I can assist you with a simple on-line order option.

New Partnership

On another note, in case you were not aware, I have partnered with an entity called My Eye Doctor.  Not to worry, I HAVE NOT RETIRED AND WILL CONTINUE TO WORK FULL TIME!!!   This partnership has allowed me to focus 100% on patient care while they handle all operations.

What this partnership provides for you is increased frame selection, increased discounts on multiple pair purchases and increased vision plan options. I will be a provider for some of the vision plans you have requested in the past.

We Will Survive

I will encourage you to embrace this time of self-renewal. I have had to embrace that I really can’t cook, and I really, really cannot sing but I think I can dance….. My biceps will not get bigger and the “washboard” abs have not shown up yet.

But I am singing and dancing anyway (I am home alone 🙂 Music is a wonderful thing, so belt out a few songs each day. My song of the day “I Will Survive” Just change the “I” to “We”.

I hope to see you very soon, until next time, stay healthy and happy!

–Dr. Mary Anne Peck

PS: Good News:  For allergy suffers and need “Pataday” or “Patanol” it is now over the counter!