ChromaGen Lenses

ChromaGen Lenses: Visual Aid for Reading Disorders

Do you or a family member experience the following symptoms when reading? 

  • Words that appear to scrunch together or pull apart  
  • Words that appear to float off the page 
  • Words than appear to move up, down or side to side 
  • Words that come in and out of focus 
  • Dizziness with reading 
  • Words or sentences that appear double 
  • Visual fatigue 

If you answered yes to any of these symptoms, it is often the result of your eyes not working together. Although you may have “20/20 vision” the light entering each of your eyes could be traveling down the visual pathway at different speeds, arriving at the visual cortex at different times; therefore causing the symptoms listed above. 

Eye Glasses ChromaGen Lenses

ChromaGen lenses are colored lenses that alter the speed of light that enters your eyes. This means that each side of the neurological pathway is dynamically balanced with the other side. The result is the eyes working together to send the light signal down the visual pathway at the same time and speed; therefore eliminating the symptoms.  

The science of colored lenses and its effect on the visual pathway dates back to 1920 when Helen Irlen began using colored paper overlays in the primary colors. Dr. David Harris, University of Liverpool developed the 2nd generation of lenses. They are neutral gray filters which are cosmetically more accepted by patients.