Diabetic Retinal Exams

Diabetes is a disease affecting your entire vascular supply when the body does not process sugar correctly. Increased blood sugar levels will eventually destroy the blood vessel walls causing the blood to leak out. This leakage is called diabetic retinopathy and includes bleeding and swelling of the retina. If left untreated, it will damage your eye sight.

Early detection is of upmost importance. eyecare & eyewear has the latest equipment to detect early diabetic retinal damage. It is a painless procedure and does not always require dilation of the eyes.

IF you are a diabetic, the doctors recommend annual eye exams including testing for diabetic retinal changes.

  • OCT-A uses a precise laser to image blood vessels deep within the retina, not visible with any other test. These delicate blood vessels are the first to be affected and breakdown when you have Diabetes.
  • Optos Fundus Photography provides a wide area view of the retina. Many times we can acquire a clean image without the need for dilation. The doctors do recommend this imaging with each comprehensive eye exam. This image is a permanent part of your medical record that allows us to monitor eye health.
Diabetic Healthy Retina
Healthy retina without Diabetic retinopathy
Diabetic Damage
Net of Unhealthy Blood Vessels causing bleeding in the retina