ChromaGen Interview 2011

Does your child have reading difficulties? There is help. What is ChromaGen ChromaGen has been proven to be a Life-Changing Aid for people that struggle with reading problems. Some of these people are also dyslexic. The key symptom that ChromaGen Lenses addresses are words that appear to be moving on the page when reading. When you get fitted with your specific ChromaGen prescription you will immediately see the difference. The text will become clear and the words will stop moving. The other key relief area that ChromaGen Lenses address are the nagging symptoms of headaches, nausea, and fatigue. 1) The condition of words that appear to be moving on the page when reading and/or 2) the nagging symptoms of headaches, nausea, and fatigue, are two primary reasons why people struggle…
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How to Choose Eyewear to Look Younger

Eyewear Fashion Updates
As we age, the likelihood of wearing glasses becomes more of a reality. When worn all the time they also become our most important accessory. Unfortunately, the wrong frames can date us, and our eyewear. For a more youthful look when wearing glasses consider style, fashion and colour. Eyewear Face Lift Defy gravity with a little face lift. Keep them guessing your age. Look younger by choosing styles that keep attention upward and outward on the face. Upswept frames do just that. They visually lift the face making you look younger. Eyewear with heavy bottoms or a downward sweep such as aviator styles are best left for the young… not the young at heart. Avoid styles that focus attention downward. An extra touch of colour on the upper frame or…
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