In the News…Google to make smart contact lenses

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Google to make smart contact lenses By David Goldman  @DavidGoldmanCNN January 17, 2014: 7:47 AM ET,  Re-posted by eyecare & eyewear of Carrollton, Texas Google is developing smart contact lenses that measure the glucose levels in diabetics' tears. If successful, Google's newest venture could help to eliminate one of the most painful and intrusive daily routines of diabetics. People with diabetes have difficulty controlling the level of sugar in their blood stream, so they need to monitor their glucose levels -- typically by stabbing themselves with small pin pricks, swabbing their blood onto test strips and feeding them into an electronic reader. Google's smart contacts could potentially make blood sugar monitoring far less invasive. The prototype contacts are outfitted with tiny wireless chips and glucose sensors, sandwiched between two lenses.…
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