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ONE MINUTE SIGHT SAVER        TEST     Do you or a family member wear glasses for reading, distance vision, or both?  Do your children, grandchildren, or other children you care for sit too close to the TV, have trouble with hand-eye coordination or complain of headaches?  Has your school-age child or grandchild ever received a thorough eye exam from an eye doctor (do not count school exams)?  Do you or anyone in your immediate family (parents or siblings) have high blood pressure or diabetes? Do you or a family member spend several hours each day looking at the computer screen or experience frequent headaches after working at a computer? Have you or a family member been diagnosed or treated for cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration or other eye problems?  Do…
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Eating for Eye Health

Medical Awareness
Have you had your spinach today? The savory dark-green leafy green, among many vibrantly colored vegetables and fruits, is frequently overlooked, and often nonexistent on the plates of Americans across the country. We often hear why we need fruits and veggies - for heart health and cancer prevention. Now we can add to that list "eye health" - something that's so often taken for granted when we're young. But, don't assume your vision will keep getting worse as you age and that there's nothing you can do about it. You can do something about it. "Nutrition is critical," says Robert Abel, Jr., M.D., clinical professor of Ophthalmology at Thomas Jefferson University and author of "The Eye Care Revolution." A firm believer that the eyes can be a good indicator for…
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